“Applied History with the University of Plymouth”

Plymouth Heritage Praxis

Plymouth Heritage Praxis is a spin-out unit that specialises in the investigation and intepretation of historic sites, cultural landscapes and material culture. Staff and students from our MA Heritage and BA History programmes work in partnership with cultural institutions, community groups, government and industry to deliver projects that benefit today's society.

What we do

We work with our partners to develop and implement projects that put contemporary thinking into practice at historic sites and museums (such as our current work on the hidden heritage of LGBT groups). From new interpretation for exhibitions, events and trails - including graphic design, locative apps, virtual and augmented reality immersive experiences - to archival/field research or audience and stakeholder analysis we aim to work with partners who are keen to support our students, putting real-world experience at the heart of the student experience.

MA Heritage Theory and Practice

Plymouth Heritage Praxis is closely linked to the University of Plymouth's postgraduate programme, MA Heritage Theory and Practice. Each year our students work on a PHP project for their Heritage Practice module - directly contributing to project development and delivery.

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Who we are

Plymouth Heritage Praxis is led by:

Professor Daniel Maudlin
Professor James Daybell
Dr Alan Butler

All our projects closely involve students from MA Heritage THeory and Practice through placements, studentships and our flagship project-based module.